NLG-Energy Source:

NLG-Energy Source is an entirely new program with simple, quick techniques for learning. These techniques are beneficial for humanity in developing intellectually, which helps individuals find solutions to problems of the present day. This new energy will help individuals create more wisdom and receive many benefits. This new energy was given, to help raise the frequency of humankind for its development. NLG can help all living things. It can be used to increase production in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. It will produce fresh, healthy organic food.

Humanity is in a hurry. It has already made so many mistakes, which are continuing to this day. An assessment without an abundance of knowledge and wisdom in a difficult situation, could cause humanity many problems while losing many benefits. A couple that is negative towards each other affects the future for their children in an unproductive way. A director who is lacking in vision ends up causing a company to close. A leader lacking in virtue and ethics will disadvantage a whole human community. A single person acting negatively is affected in a bad way throughout his or her entire life. To correct this much reflection and discernment is needed to create true self love.

In society what is most important? The answer is benefits; from individual benefits to collective benefits for the human community. When we don’t have benefits for people, people don’t care; bring people benefits and give them an advantage and they do care. “I love you” means nothing to a thirsty man; bring him water. “ I love you” means nothing to a hungry man; bring him food. Bring benefits to humankind. That is real love. NLG Energy brings health and wisdom to people. We can do this now.

This is the first time in human history that an energy of pure love from our Creator is allowing humanity to experience its Soul Energy. Every person has permission to receive this loving energy and to receive its benefits. Before, only the most developed souls were able to receive and work with this energy frequency. Today, it is free to all humanity. Our Creator is allowing everyone to have this energy and its benefits as long as they practice the Five Forms of Love. This energy helps us harmonize in all areas of life, to achieve true happiness on this earth for all.

Through the cycle of reincarnation, the smallest particle of life has lived and built up energy, died and been reincarnated into a higher life form over and over until reaching the highest form as a human being. Humans continue to reincarnate to develop spiritually into higher and higher levels. The term “higher” used here means more capable of loving and helping their fellow man with real love. Being “higher” means having wisdom and the intelligence to find the simple and beneficial way to develop set forth through the teachings of NLG. When you leave your body in death, if you have helped humankind at a “high” enough level, you are allowed to have choices about your next life as to where you are born and into what circumstances you will live. Choices that will help your soul develop into a higher frequency of evolution (love).

All souls are in the process of evolution, including our forefathers and ancestors. All souls on earth are governed by the law of the invisible world of spirituality. After people leave this material life, they go into a spiritual realm. For most people it will be decided for them where they will go for their next physical incarnation based on their current evolution. When in that system in the spiritual realm, they cannot ask for what they want in their next life (unless they have enough wisdom created through the kindness they used in previous lives). So for their next incarnation, if people haven’t been following their hearts and helping their fellow man/woman they could easily be born into a country or situation without freedoms and abundance. That is a good reason to work for the development of the entire world, not just our own little community.

Many of our ancestors thought that living on earth was coming to hell. They thought they came here to live in a type of jail situation. They just wanted to go back to Heaven/God. But this is not right. We come here to improve our education and enjoy life on this planet and create heaven on earth. Many of the ancestors gave away all material wealth, thinking this would help them develop. This was wrong. We must know how to create material wealth so all of humankind lives in love and comfort. But right now we don’t know how to do this. People continue to seek power and control over others. When we are able to use the NLG energy to benefit all humankind all people will be living in comfort and love.

When the USA’s Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were created the unseen world played a large part in their development. These were created to show the world a system through which people could create material wealth successfully and distribute this wealth for all the people, not just a few. The United States has not fulfilled its potential yet, it has gotten off track, but most people in the USA understand these principles. We must balance between the material and spiritual world to receive wisdom enlightenment later. We must know how to create sufficient material first and then when people are healthy and prosperous they are able to develop spiritually into higher beings. This will create stability and create a foundation for all future growth in all areas. Right now people in countries around the world don’t know how to get enough food for all their people. Religions misunderstood many things in their teachings. Life on earth is to be for education and for living in a way that we have heaven on earth for ALL people. We must create material wealth to get a spiritual education. NLG teachers are working to correct inaccurate thinking. The documents forming the United States were created to show a system to provide for all of its people. The rest of the world has looked to the USA for this example.

The energy of NLG is here at this time to give humanity the wisdom to correct its course. Humankind has strayed from the path that is essential to humanity’s prosperity. We are all brothers and sisters around the world. What are our needs for a flourishing civilization? It is found in the path NLG lays out for us with loving energy.