Testimonials About NLG - Energy Source


I loved your class, and I am practicing the techniques but not with the consistency required due to very intense commitments taking care of my dad. I feel like NLG may be more powerful than Reiki, but I’m still gaging it in reference to personally practicing it. A day after the class, I used it on my father (91) who suffers from severe neck arthritis. He was a lot better the next day (actually not complaining at all). I do have to ask him again how this is going since then. Also, I can’t really say I’ve experienced the heat or sensations others had after the activation you provided. But that doesn’t mean necessarily that the energy isn’t moving or working.Thank you so much for your generosity and loving heart.



NLG helped me to overcome the BPPV that I have suffered for one year, and the dizziness went away immediately after the first day of the course instructed by Mr Le. This is a miracle! I also have anxiety and tension at the back of my head, knee joint problem, and all of them reduced significantly after a few days of practising. I am so grateful to Mr Le and NLG for coming to my life and helping other people. I have been helping my family, relatives, neighbors and friends, and most of them feel the energy and have improved their health.

Nga Vo


I met Mr. Le five years ago while in good physical health. However, one of my children had committed suicide, my marriage ended, and I had to move out of my home into an apartment. I had so much debilitating change that I was not myself.
NLG and its practice brought me “back to the center.” I have continued daily practice and I have prospered financial, physical, and spiritual. Please send me an email if you have any questions or need “real-life” information.

Mark Corkson


NLG has made me happier because I’m constantly focused on loving myself, my family, my neighbors, and all mankind. It has made me a better person.
I am also aware of not letting things bother me anymore. It has allowed me to share the energy with my family and friends.
The NLG has healed me with health issues. I feel honored to possess NLG energy.

Kimberly Kemp


I learned to talk to myself more and to talk to each cell in my body ask my cells to heal. I learned the 5 forms of love but with NLG it is a lot more in debt. You do NLG daily so-to-say use it or lose it. Keeps one on the up in up with self and others. It allows me to help and heal others all living things.
It’s a practice all are one with God and this energy moves through my body, brain soul, wraps around me and fills me with strength and power and I am very grateful.

Vickie Fothen


I have been using NLG for 3 years experiencing a lot of benefits for my physical body. I had migraine headaches. NLG helped to treat my headaches. I had PVC premature contractions in my heart-irregular heart rate. NLG meditation regulated my heart rate.
Emotionally I became more peaceful and I enjoy my life more and more. Before NLG I was worried about everything and now, I’m content and in peace. Thank you, Mr. Le.

Daiva Dailide


NLG is a successful tool for enhancing my meditation practice. It is also healing, healthy way to keep the physical, mental, and emotional bodies functioning well. I have seen this practice help heal a friend of his cancer with our daily short meditation together.



I learned from NLG energy the five forms of love allow you to merge with the NLG energy source. God is love and the NLG is love. By focusing on love, you can experience the energy of love. I have only been doing this for a few months, but I am experiencing a transformation and I intend to continue.



NLG has been the super magical miracle that I have been needing in my life. I have super-power and it has given me super-hope in my life. Being able to heal the world is so awesome years go by. I will teach and reach as many open people as I possibly can NLG is a super-soul power.
I will be helping my mom, family members, co-workers .

Marble A. Davis


I was introduced to Mr. Le and NLG in February 2018. This practice of meditation with five (5) forms of love to connect with NLG (that is one love) has furthered my connection and brought me to experience actual healing of my mind and body completely. True recognition of love. Love beyond what human know -the unconditional love of the Creator.
I realize Mr. Le has a gift that he has shared and helped me. I have new friends we all heal with NLG energy, wisdom, power, and health we recognize these gifts as our own.

Tawny Haley


Much love has come my way. My health has increased to being well and happy. Very good. My life flow is very clear and I am also able to see others very clearly with an abundance of love. I have also been working on my family and friends. They also have noticed a change in health and increase in love.



when I came in March I was healed of thyroid difficulties, High blood pressure, stomach reflux, and pain in left knee from an injury. I also was relieved of allergy symptoms and my energy level and insight greatly improved. In June after working very hard, not eating well, Etc....I had an asthma and sinus infection and cold that progressed. It has been healing as of the last few days and is 95% better, maybe more.



I started coming the end of February. I lost my sense of taste. I did not lose my sense of smell. It took two sessions to get about 30% of my taste back. It took two weeks to get it completely back. It has stayed. I also lost my husband of 46 years of marriage in December 2017. It has also helped in the grief process. Paragraph My latest experience was this week (6/13/18). I had four teeth extracted - two crowns and a bridge. I did NLG before, then again right after. I had no pain, no swelling and no bruising. I had popcorn two days later



Decreased swelling in legs. Mild weight loss. General energy increase. N

E. S.


I have had numbness in both of my upper thighs and if I stand or walk for a long period of time my legs begin to burn. I walked 3 miles yesterday with no problems. I feel very blessed. I now need to work on my hot flashes and night sweats so I can sleep throughout the night. And I always feel your love from your healing. Thank you so much

M. W.


I had an infection of the upper mandible under my nose that went into my right sinus cavity. No doctor or dentist was able to help me. I was very sick for 4 years from this. I had been on intravenous antibiotics for 4 months and much oral anoibiotics. I had 4 surgeries to the area. And was still very sick with continuous coughing. After treatments for 3 months with Mr. Le the pain is gone. The infection is gone. And the cough is gone. I have my normal life restored to me. I thank Mr. Le for his kindness, compassion and skill. And also for his willingness to teach this technique for the benefit of mankind. I\'ve also had many other improvements in my health. I had high blood pressure for 14 years. It is now normal. I had asthma for 45 years. I\'m needing no medication. And there are still more benefits I could list.

Linda Davis


I previously commented on Mr.Le\'s compassionate, loving, heart, and excellent teaching, and my own physical condition which is improving. I also wanted to mention how my life in general is improving. I am inspired to make quick, good decisions, and difficult people are now easy to deal with. I love living with the love of NLG working in my life. I am very grateful for the improvement in my life, and the hope for more improvement. From: Kay Schmitt, St.Louis,MO

Kay Schmitt


Mr.Le is a very kind, most loving, healer. As I listen to him speak about love, it resonates in my heart. We must learn to love self, family, community, country, and all living things, and act on it. He has physically healed himself, and loves to heal others, and teach us to heal ourselves. My own physical condition--insulin dependent diabetes, kidney and eye problems, and shakiness have improved. The shakiness has improved--I can write legibly again--and I expect to keep improving as I daily practice NLG. Thank you, Mr.Le. Kay Schmitt St.Louis, MO

Kay Schmitt


Seven years ago, after three weeks in intensive care, I recovered from a brain hemorrhage but sadly had remained overall weak, often needing to take a nap during the day and having a hard time staying on my feet for extended periods of time. I was resigned to live the rest of my life in this imperfect state. Recently I had a few NLG treatments and, even though as a rational intellectual I was incredulous, the next day, my physical sense of being had changed in subtle but definite ways.
I became present, concentrating on whatever I needed to do, with my daily fatigue surprisingly gone. I still cannot believe it and I am at a loss of words as to what happened but it is clear that I am experiencing a renewed way of being. With many thanks!

Alfred J.


General effect:
I’ve been using this technique
– to calm myself in stressful situations regardless of whether it instantly worked or not.
– to organize my thinking process any time too many things were happening at once.
Particular effect:
– Waking up without anxiety right after classes with Mr. Le – it had been out of control for a very long time.



I loved your class, and I am practicing the techniques but not with the consistency required due to very intense commitments taking care of my dad.
I feel like NLG may be more powerful than Reiki, but I’m still gaging it in reference to personally practicing it.
A day after the class, I used it on my father (91) who suffers from severe neck arthritis. He was a lot better the next day (actually not complaining at all).
I do have to ask him again how this is going since then. Also, I can’t really say I’ve experienced the heat or sensations others had after the activation you provided. But that doesn’t mean necessarily that the energy isn’t moving or working.
Thank you so much for your generosity and loving heart.



Thank you for the treatment.
By far, the strongest energy healing I’ve ever had. I’m humbled and grateful to be a part of this with you.
Although I am an RN with 20 yrs experience, I believe energy healing will replace the medical model.
I’m all in! Let me know how I can help. Thanks for your courage and compassion in getting this out to people!



Thank you so much for the NLG training!
Mr. Le is very much a heart-centered individual; he genuinely wants to help others.
The training of this simple healing technique is easy to do (and does not take a lot of time). I had had a persistent cough for over a month, and after being home from the first night of the training, I was no longer coughing!
This was a surprise and I can’t attribute it to anything else besides that training and using the NLG Receiving Center.
Now I can also feel my third eye when I focus on it: it feels like slight pressure in my forehead above my eyebrows.
This is all enough for me to be interested in continuing to practice the simple healing techniques on a regular basis.



Within a very short time of meeting Mr. Le, I came to understand that he is an honest, sincere, kind, gentle and humble person.
He makes time in his life to help people who need help to become free of pain, sickness, cancer and many other ailments.
Mr. Le lives his life from a position of unconditional love for all human life, which is why he has so effectively learned to harness the unlimited powers of NLG (Nang Luong Goc). I came to meet Mr. Le after the recommendations of a trusted friend who, following a 30-year bout with a knee injury suffered during a high-school volleyball game, ended up permanently healed by NLG.
My injury was a two-year old shoulder injury of a right rotator cuff, which prevented me from using my right arm overhead: I could not throw a football without severe pain.
After three short visits to Mr. Le, I was completely and permanently healed of my pain. Later I brought my mother, Mary, to see Mr. Le. As a result of an errant dental procedure some 12 years ago, she had a severe nerve condition that caused her horrible pain in her jaw. After countless ineffective treatments and diagnosis by medical doctors and specialists, numerous treatments by Mr. Le and NLG freed her from her pain and suffering.
Thank you Mr. Le for changing our lives forever, as well as so many others you have touched by your unconditional love and ability to channel the power of NLG!!!

Best Regards, J. Abeln St. Louis, MO

Jim Abeln


I have found Mr Lee’s training a valuable asset to be able to learn to heal yourself and eventually others!!!
I am practicing the meditation and feeling like I am more often experiencing that “third eye!” I want to continue till I’m more confident and can practice on my path of life on more and more people who are hurting!



I wanted to thank you Mr. Le for very powerful NLG training. I have learned this healing technique and I’m practicing it every day. My health, my energy level has improved dramatically. Meditation and healing technique are very relaxing and I experience positive changes in my life the same day.
I highly recommend NLG to everybody and can’t thank enough to Mr. Le because he is the most caring and the most genuine teacher and healer I have ever met.



Dear Mr. Le,

First off, I express my total gratitude for the activations of light and healing you have shared with myself and our group.
The subtle energy you gifted me with had immediate effects. My mind tends not to want to quiet down, but the activation allowed me to access a place of quiet and receiving.
I can see and feel the beautiful energy of NLG and I feel so loved, calmer, happier and more focused after meditating.
And if I meditate first thing in the morning, the NLG energy sets the pace for my day. I am thrilled to be learning and practicing NLG technique on a consistent basis. Another beautiful aspect of NLG is how simple and easy it is to practice. I am in Mr. Le!!! I appreciate your wisdom and teaching style Mr. Le. Thank You Mr. Le

Many Bright Blessings, D.K.



I felt lots of energy flow with the Connecting NLG Practice (and with Stem Cell Practice felt the energy down back and arms).
After three days of practice around the Introductory Workshop, my enlarged thyroid shrank a lot.



In the morning, I woke up with a pain in the spine by my neck, I could not move. I had to hold my head in order to stand up.
I went to the doctor to get an X-Ray and the doctor said the cartilage was 50% damaged. It was very difficult to move the head from side to side. After four months of treatment by the doctor, there was no improvement; then I was lucky to see Mr. Le who used NLG on me.
From that time on, I practiced NLG Stem Cell and Treatment meditations everyday and I recovered 100%. I continue to practice to maintain good health.
Also, I have a friend who had Parkinson’s for twenty years, at the final stage with tube-feeding (ready to die) – he could not recognize anyone (neither relatives nor friends). And today, after NLG treatments, he has recovered completely and is able to walk and eat by himself (his normal state).
NLG is like a miracle which I cannot explain.
Thank you, Mr. Le!



Some Introductory Workshop feedback:
I had asthma and the flu when I took the first class. The flu was gone by the third day and my asthma has progressively gotten better to not even needing now to use my rescue inhaler.
Regarding the Connecting NLG Practice: I now breathe freely, fully, clearly and deeply. I have a general sense of well-being, lots of energy and I am so happy. I always feel energy throughout my body.
Regarding the Stem Cell Practice. I always feel the warmth throughout my entire spine as well as energy sensation at the third eye, crown, RC, etc. I talk to the little beings within my body that work with the NLG energy to activate my stem cells, increase my immune system, etc, and I thank them!
I feel wonderful and full of energy and a general peace of mind. Many synchronicity continue to happen to my life. All is well and I am so grateful to be reaping the benefits of NLG and I look forward to Level 2 and instructor training.
Thank you!